9 Best Online Courses to Manage Google AdSense Affiliate sites

r,It can be tough managing a Google AdSense affiliate site on your own. Between manually checking your stats, bidding on ad spots, and managing traffic, it can be a lot of work! Luckily, plenty of online courses will teach you everything you need to know to run a successful Adsense affiliate site. This article has compiled the nine best options for you to take advantage of. So whether you’re just starting or want to improve your current skill set, check out these courses!

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What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a program that allows websites to make money by displaying ads from Google. When someone clicks on one of the ads, the website that placed the ad will earn money.

There are many different ways to manage your Google Adsense affiliate site. One option is to use an online course. These courses teach you how to set up and manage your affiliate site. They also provide tips on how to make money from your website.

Curious to Know?

The conversion rate that you could get from Google ads in 4.4% on average.

Google AdSense affiliate site


If you want to learn more about Google Adsense, or if you want to find an online course that will help you manage your affiliate site, visit the Google Adsense website.

Here are the 9 best online courses for managing your Google AdSense Affiliate site.

Online Google AdSense Affiliate Courses

Who doesn’t want to know about ways how this mechanism works? Getting to know how to use Google ads for affiliate marketing is a pro guide that you must be familiar with.

So, let’s go!!

1. A complete guide to google AdSense and YouTube by Alison

It is a type of diploma that has 1.5 to 3 hours of learning. A CPD (Continuing Professional Development) accreditation is associat with this course which would be an advantage for the learner. The course has earned integrity and validity.

Although it is a short course, it has everything that could help the learner monetize his website and Youtube account simultaneously. The skills pertinent to the need at hand are fulfill by the knowledge of adverts. To use them shrewdly is the main intent of this course.

Everyone wants to know why so many ads appear on their favorite website.

What is the use of those ads?

All the questions are support by this course which has different modules. The AdSense network needs to be optimize along with Google ads so that content makes sense.

What’s more? Do you want to earn with this course as well?

Share this with your community and become an earning person by being an affiliate for their ads as well.  

2. Google AdSense and YouTube: Everything you need to know by Udemy

Udemy Academy is one of the emerging names in the online course industry. People have start their own income sources within no time by getting train with its courses.

Working online has never been easier with an enrollment in the Google AdSense courses offer by Udemy. This course COSTS $13.99. INTERESTINGLY, it has a 30-day money-back guarantee as well.

The objectives met in this course are getting to know back linking with AdSense, YouTube account linking, and getting payment from Google with AdSense tactics. The more you get to be aware of the basics, the more it would help in getting paid soon.

In addition, the course offers video editing knowledge with copyright keywords and steps for getting monthly payments. The monetization starts quickly after having accreditation from the Udemy course to get partners from Google Adsense and affiliate sites.

3. AdSense arbitrage: Make money with AdSense and viral site by Udemy

By the name itself, it is very much clear what the course is about. Get paid by traffic injection to your website. To convert that traffic into income with conversion tricks. Ace the expertise of running ads on your website Ads would run on your website with one of Udemy courses like this one.

The course helps in completing milestones of making money with Google AdSense, getting your website viral, attaining the cheapest rates per click (starting from $0.01), designing profitable campaigns, traffic monetization with native ads, etc.

There is EVEN MORE! Upgrading your website by running lucrative ads is an additional tactic that you would learn. Having financial freedom with the easiest form of income: PASSIVE is the most demanded approach. 

The PRICE of the course is just $14.99. It is certainly nothing as compared to what you would earn in millions afterward. Everyone wants a money-back guarantee to add to its validity.

4. AdSense arbitrage 2.0: The complete guide 2022 by Udemy

YES, WE KNOW, what you might be thinking at this moment.

“Another UDEMY course”? Well, Udemy has been famous all over the world for being one of the feasible means for learning things online. The most lucrative AdSense strategies are learned in its Google course ads. Its several online courses with affiliate programs have produced experts earning an unbelievable SIX FIGURE INCOME.

It has the same PRICE as its previous courses, $13.99 with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What has to offer? Creation of viral website, WordPress knowledge, web hosting, and juicy secrets of scaling. Also, gaining mastery of Facebook Ads and workflow automation with Google affiliate ads are all part of this course. However, the enrollment asks the learners to be consistent, have meticulous planning, and have innovative insights.

5. Learn Google AdSense and YouTube Video by Udemy

We couldn’t help but add another course from Udemy for this purpose. The same PRICE ($13.99) and almost similar benefits.

The course guarantees the learners to be able to generate $300 to $1600 income daily!!

Since the course is more about YouTube, the same affiliate ads could be run on the Google page as well as the website to monetize more easily. Linking AdSense with proficiency and NEXT LEVEL learning to know the methods is essential for building an audience.

The paying partners would then be able to notice you and you get the number of clicks targeted for a week or month. The course enables you to become skilled in inserting ads. After getting the right direction with this virtual course, certification to earn passive income is not a dream anymore.


Do you know, that 63% of online users tend to click on Google ads?

Google AdSense affiliate site


6. Google AdSense 101: How to get started with Google AdSense by Udemy

Okay, WE PROMISE, this is the last one from Udemy. Google AdSense 101 is what you should be concerned about as it offers the STARTING POINT of Google AdSense affiliate sites.

The price remains the same for the course ($13.99) with the same guarantee. Getting an acceptance for Google AdSense is the major pathway offer by this course. It is as easy for a student to learn as for any professional website holder.

It gives the learners full-time access to its learning materials. A certificate is provided at the end of every Udemy course. The videos could be accesse on mobile and TV both.  

The legit Google ad sense course offers basic concepts of lead generation, affiliate marketing, earning through the website, and selling expertise on the web.

7. Google ads for beginners by Coursera

Coursera is another well-known name among online courses web institutes. It is primarily targeted at beginners. It only comprises two hours It has easy-to-understand concepts for beginners for which a download is not require.

MORE FEATURES include split-screen watching and one could enroll for FREE! It has a high rating of 4.5 by more than 3000 online learners.

How to use google ads for affiliate marketing is taught with this free guid project. Creation of ad groups, keyword research, audience gaining and retaining tactics, and writing engaging ads for them are all the milestones cover in this course.

8. Online Google AdSense classes by Skillshare

The tags on the very page would help you understand what the course is about. Entrepreneurship, blogging, website, Google, and AdSense are some of the eye-capturing tags.

Google ads course by Skillshare is FREE and ranges from TWO TO SIX hours entire course duration. Industry trends of digital marketing with the latest mastery are taught in this course. One can comfortably insert ads after gaining expert information regarding optimized ads for a website.

FURTHER, teaches how to stop being repetitive on Google affiliate sites as people tend to cancel the ads that keep showing on their screen. It would certainly lead them to avoid your brand. Searching for the best keywords is the right track shown in this course.

9. Google Ads search certification by Skillshop

The cited course is also for beginners so that new information about an entirely new virtual world is digested easily. The course offers automated solutions to optimizing websites with Google affiliate ads. Boosting online campaigns with targeted objectives is the smart bidding learned by the students.

You have to pass an assessment to be a part of this course. The course is PAID and needs an AUTHENTICATION before actually to its details.

Generation of sales leads with ads, devising a carefully contemplated marketing plan and alignment of digital traffic with that of your targeted income are additional benefits you could expect from this course.


A Google Adsense affiliate site is a great way to make money online. However, if you’re not managing your affiliate site correctly, you’re likely losing money. This article lists the nine best online courses to teach you how to manage an affiliate site like a pro. By the time you’re finish with these courses, you’ll be able to create effective ads, track your affiliate income, and more!

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