How to start with the Amazon affiliate website and Amazon Affiliate program: The best way to open a new stream of revenue in 2022


Today we are going to talk about the amazon affiliate program. This program is also known as “Amazon Associates,” Nowadays everyone is interested in online earning through blogging and YouTube channel.

We’ll teach you everything you need to know about starting an Amazon affiliate website and Amazon affiliate program. From choosing a niche to creating a product page, we’ve got you covered.

The best and easy way to earn online and get your blog or website monetized is the Amazon affiliate program.

The process is very simple when someone makes a purchase via your website’s amazon associate link, the affiliate website owner gets a commission. Isn’t that easy and simple?

Now the question is what the process to get this started is. In this blog, we’ll provide you step by step guide to starting your amazon affiliate blog or website with proper screenshots and videos.

This will help you set up your small business, which can turn into something bigger later on if you understand the process and produce quality content.

Introduction to Amazon Affiliate program:

When we talk about amazon affiliates, I must say it’s the most advanced form of affiliate marketing.

This program is free of cost for people who own a website or a blog. Whatever product you market from the website on your webpage or blog if a customer buys it through your affiliate link you earn a percentage from that referral.

How does affiliate marketing work?

Let’s say you have selected a niche for your website, with the help of the amazon associate program you create a unique link for your desired product, paste and attached that link to your blog or website.

This link is called an amazon affiliate link. When a customer visits your webpage and clicks on that link, he or she lands directly on the website. Where they make a purchase of that particular product you marketed on your website.

Soon as they buy it you are eligible to get that referral commission fee. Which later comes to your amazon affiliate account.

For example; let’s just say you have a website related to traveling, you can create a link for products like travel backpacks, travel tents, travel accessories, etc.

Now if you are creative you can maximize your earnings through your website with the help of the amazon affiliate program.

This checklist needs to consider while you start working as an amazon associate;

  • First, you need to create an amazon affiliate account on the website.
  • Amazon’s website provides you with a unique associate ID.
  • Once you are through with the process and approved, you can create affiliate links from the Amazon portal.
  • As an affiliate marketer then you can place unique amazon links on your website or blogs.
  • When the customer buys on amazon from your unique link you can get a commission fee for that referral link you advertised on your blog or website.

What can be your average earning from the Amazon Affiliate program?

This is the question everyone has how much can I earn or how much amazon pays as an amazon associate.

Earning depends upon your hard work and creativity, how smartly you place your unique links and how much content you write on your website.

Roughly we can say you can earn from $100 to $20,000 as an amazon associate from the amazon affiliate program. This system works on a commission structure. So you make a percentage of every sale through your amazon link.

Every product has a different commission rate which differs on the basis of product category.

Let’s do some math over here, to give you an idea.  If you are running a Luxury Beauty products website and you can earn a 10% commission from every sale you make.

Let’s assume you sold 3 products worth of total $1000, you’ll be making $300 for these 3 sales. If you make the same sale for the next 30 days, you’ll end up having $9000 in a month. This example gives you an idea of how does the system calculations work.

To know more about commission rates it is highly important that you go through the Associates Program Standard Commission Income Statement.

This will help you in your niche research and commission calculations for you website and blogs you want to write.

Rules and Requirements to be part of the Amazon Affiliate Program:

There is no doubt that Amazon has created a great opportunity to earn online and monetize your website or blog for passive income.

There are is certain criteria that every person has to follow to be compliant and work as an amazon associate. Noncompliance with the following rules may result in being banned from the associate program.

Here are some major points you need to keep in your mind as an amazon associate.

  • There must be a disclosure statement on your website to information “that you may be eligible earn from your recommendations”
  • There should not be any false information about the recommendations you are making through your blog or website
  • You must refrain from advertising fixed pricing on your website since the price is subject to the seller and it frequently changes.
  • You must not use your amazon unique affiliate link for offline promotions, eBooks, or emails.
  • Do not use a third-party link generator to shorten the links.

Amazon policies for affiliates can be reviewed here.

Steps to Become an Amazon Associate:

  1. First, you need to create a website or a blog.
  2. Go to the Amazon Affiliate page and signup for the affiliate account.
  3. Provide all the information required to sign up.
  4. Enter the address of your website or blog.
  5. Enter your store ID.
  6. Explain the process by which you’ll bring people to your website or blog.
  7. Select a payment method.
  8. Start creating your Amazon affiliate links.

1. How To Start An Amazon Affiliate Website

Starting an Amazon affiliate website is easy! All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and a few hours to learn how to create a profitable online business.

The first and most important point is that you must have a website or a blog, or YouTube channel to become an Amazon affiliate.

You must be active on your website, blog, or YouTube channel, which means you should have a good amount of content in your marketing mediums.

Your website or blog should be well explained, which means the purpose of your marketing medium should be stated clearly.

The best practice is to have professional help to create your website. So you can generate good traffic for your website or blog.

Choose A Niche That You Love

Choosing a niche that you love will make your life easier when it comes to building your site. If you’re passionate about something, then you’ll enjoy creating products related to that passion.

Create A Product Page

Creating a product page is one of the first steps you should take when setting up your Amazon affiliate website. This is where you’ll list all of the products you plan to sell on your site. You’ll also add any special instructions for customers who purchase these items.

Write Great Reviews

If you’re selling a product online, chances are you’ll eventually receive some feedback from buyers. It’s important to respond to customer reviews with helpful answers and positive comments.

Promote Your Products

You should also make sure to promote your products through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+. This will help you build relationships with potential customers and encourage them to buy your products.

Grow Your Audience

If you’re looking to start an Amazon affiliate website, there’s no better place than Amazon itself. It has millions of products to choose from, so you’ll never run out of ideas for what to sell. Plus, you can use Amazon’s own tools to find new products to promote.

2. How to sign up for the Amazon Affiliate program:

The second most important step is to create an Amazon affiliate account. For that navigate to the Amazon associates home page and click on the signup tab. Fill out the given form to get access. Visit this page to get the Amazon associates homepage for sign up.

How to start with the Amazon Affiliate program
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3. Provide all the information required to sign up:

Enter all your contact information to create your profile including your, Address, Phone number, email, and name.

How to start with the Amazon Affiliate program
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4. Medium configuration with the platform:

Enter your website address, blog address, or YouTube channel name in the Amazon affiliate website.

How to start with the Amazon Affiliate program
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5. Preferred Store id configuration for Amazon associates program:

Preferred store id is usually the name of your website or blog name. Once it’s added define a scope of work and the targets you would like to achieve through your website or blog.

In simple words, you can see what your website is about. Then select the Amazon topic are you interested in the market or would target on your website.

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6. Explain the process of driving traffic to your website:

Elaborate on the process of bringing traffic to your website. Explain how many users are visiting your website on daily basis and how can you increase it.

7. Select payment method and tax ID for withdrawals:

Choose a payment method, how would you like to withdraw your amount such as; entering your Credit or Debit card information and bank account. Enter your tax information.

How to start with the Amazon Affiliate program
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8. Start creating your Amazon affiliate links:

Once you are done with the complete process, you can start creating your unique links for the product you would like to market on your website or blog as an Amazon affiliate.

For this, you’ll have to navigate to the dashboard of the portal from there you can generate affiliate links for the product.

In the dashboard, you can check your monthly, weekly earnings overview and summary. You can look up the products you want to market from the dashboard.

How to start with the Amazon Affiliate program
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Guide to create Amazon affiliate link:

1. Logon to your Amazon affiliate dashboard:

Just make sure you are logged in to your Amazon associate account and create a link. Just make sure the link you are creating is a text link. Promote the link on your website or blog.

2. Selecting product:

On your portal dashboard go to the Product Search tab and select the product you want to promote by name or ASIN.

amazon affiliate
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  • ASIN: Asin is a 10-digit number assigned to a product you are interested to promote as an affiliate associate. This number can be found on by searching for the product on the Amazon search bar and it is located in the description of the product.
amazon affiliate
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3. Click on the Go Button:

Once you find the product click on the go button and it will provide you with the text affiliate link.

4. Get the link button:

You can see the button on the right-hand side of the window, which says Get the link. By clicking on that link you can copy the affiliate text link on the clipboard.

You can also create a link on by clicking on the site stripe bar that will appear top of the page under the product banner.

amazon affiliate
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5. How to use the copied link on your website or blog to promote the product:

Note: Amazon does not allow you to promote this link in the email, eBook, or any PDF file. Every generated link has cookies that will follow the visitor once he clicks on the link which goes in the associate favor and can be very beneficial for the Amazon associate.

If the customer purchases the product associate gets a commission. These cookies have a time limit attached to them.

6. What Is the time limit for cookies attached to your affiliate link:

I normally last for 24 hours once a visit clicks on the link, Cookie stays in the visitor’s browser. That means if the visitor buys in any time within 24 hours or clicks the link you’ll be given the credit of that purchase.

Get started with the best earning online program as an Amazon Associate:

This is a complete process of creating or participating in an Amazon associates program. I am hoping this guide will help you create a good passive income from the Amazon associate program. This is the best way to earn from your passion and be an Amazon associate.

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