4 Pack Transformable Fidget Spinner Fidget Toys Set, Fidget Spinner Transformable ,Sensory Fidget Toys Stress Relief and Anti Anxiety Toys for Kids and Adults Gift for Christmas Birthday Party Favor

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Fidget Spinner Transformable Stress Relief Toys
[Deformable Fidget spinner toys]This is a transformable fidget spinners toy that can be transformed into different robots and shapes according to your imagination. When changing Fingertip Spin Top Fidget Toys shapes, you can exercise fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, quick response ability and logical thinking ability.
[Relieve stress ]Using Sensory Finger Spinner Toy to play games can help solve EDC, ADHD, autism and attention problems. The fingertip spinner is small and convenient, and you can play anywhere at home, classroom, subway, office, etc.
[High-speed smooth rotation]There is a high-speed bearing in the center of the Hand Fidget Spinner, which can be attached to a smooth surface and continue to rotate at high speed for a few minutes. You can put it on the table or other places, you can also stack several Fingertip Gyro together and rotate, which will bring you a different visual experience.
[Safe and fun spinning toy] Deformable creative mechanical spinning top toy, rounded corners and smooth surface spinner, protect your fingers from scratches. At the same time, there are 4 fingertip spinning toys in the package. Children can use the fingertip spinning to compete at the same time, and the longest continuous spinning time wins.
[Best gift]The fidget spinner can be a unique and practical gift, suitable for anyone, including boys, girls, parents, friends, office workers, and autistic patients. The clear sound of the spinner can reduce your anxiety.