Aquaguard Aura: Purifying Your Water with Advanced Technology

Imagine turning for your faucet and having crystal-clean, refreshing water equipped to drink – no extra boiling, filtering, or lugging heavy jugs. That’s the promise of the Aquaguard Aura water cleaner, a sophisticated machine that goes beyond in reality putting off impurities. Let’s discover what makes the Aura this sort of compelling choice for fitness-aware households.

Unveiling the Science Behind the Clean: A Multi-Layered Approach

The Aura does not rely on simply one method to purify your water. It employs a multi-degree technique, like a properly-skilled group working collectively. Here’s a breakdown of the magic that occurs inner:

  • Stage One: Catching the Big Guys
  • The first line of defense removes coarse particles like sand and sediment, making sure your water begins easy from the get-move.
  • Stage Two: Soaking Up the Unwanted
  • Next comes a stage devoted to absorbing chemicals like chlorine, frequently present in municipal water elements. These chemical substances won’t be harmful, however they could affect the taste of your water.
  • Stage Three: Straining Out the Microscopic Threats:
  • Here’s wherein things get thrilling. Ultrafiltration (UF) generation comes into play, performing like a microscopic sieve. It eliminates bacteria, making sure your water is unfastened from those tiny troublemakers.
  • Stage Four: Zapping the Invaders (UV+UF Model Only):
  • This stage provides an additional layer of protection, particularly if you have concerns approximately viruses. Ultraviolet (UV) light disrupts the DNA of viruses, rendering them inactive.
  • Stage Five: The Deep Clean (RO+UV+UF+MTDS Model Only):
  • This model kicks matters up a notch with reverse osmosis (RO) era. Imagine a terrific-high-quality clear out that gets rid of not simply bacteria and viruses. however also dissolved impurities or even heavy metals.
  • Stage Six and Beyond (Depending at the Model):
  • Some fashions contain additional stages to similarly beautify the purification procedure or regulate the taste.

Beyond Clean: The Aura’s Bonus Features

The Aura does not forestall at just providing easy water. It takes things a step further with these modern functions:

The Power of Copper and Zinc: This purifier boasts “Active Copper with Zinc Boost” generation. Copper is known for its antimicrobial residences, while zinc contributes to a healthy immune gadget. A small quantity of those minerals is infused into the purified water, supplying you with a double dose of goodness.

Minerals You Can Taste (MTDS Model Only):

If you’re concerned approximately losing essential minerals throughout the purification technique, the MTDS (Mineral Guard Technology) has you blanketed. This technology enables keep some of the beneficial minerals in the water, making sure it not simplest tastes correct but additionally presents the electrolytes your frame wishes.

The Practical Side: Ease of Use and Maintenance

The Aura is designed with person-friendliness in thoughts. Here’s what you can assume:

Crystal Clear Alerts: The cleaner comes with indicator lighting fixtures that take the guesswork out of maintenance. These lighting will tell you when it’s time to update filters, making sure your Aura keeps to perform at its great.

Two Models to Choose From: Depending to your water source, you may pick out the UV+UF model for low TDS municipal water or the RO+UV+UF+MTDS model for regions with better TDS tiers or opportunity water sources like borewells.

What People Are Saying: Customer Reviews

Customers who have embraced the Aquaguard Aura typically rave about its benefits. Here are a few not unusual subject matters:

  • Peace of Mind with Clean Water: People respect the self belief of knowing their water is unfastened from harmful contaminants, bacteria, and viruses.
  • A Taste to Savor: The advanced flavor thanks to Active Copper and Zinc Boost is a welcome bonus for many users.
  • Effortless Maintenance: The indicator lighting and ease of filter replacement make renovation a breeze.

However, a few users with the RO model have referred to a slightly slower water float charge as compared to the UV+UF model. It’s a alternate-off to take into account – a more complete purification process may take a bit longer.

The Final Sip: A Clear Choice for Your Family’s Well-being

The Aquaguard Aura water cleaner is greater than just a kitchen appliance; it’s an funding in your circle of relatives’s health and well-being. With its superior technology, awareness on flavor, and person-friendly features, the Aura gives a compelling answer for anyone seeking pure, scrumptious ingesting water. So, ditch the bottled water and take a sip of self assurance with the Aquaguard Aura.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Which Aura version is right for me?

  • The pleasant model for you relies upon for your water supply. If you have got municipal water with low TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), the UV+UF model is enough. However, when you have higher TDS tiers or rely upon borewells or tankers, the RO+UV+UF+MTDS version gives a extra comprehensive purification process.

How frequently do I need to update the filters?

  • The frequency of filter out substitute depends in your water usage and the unique version. The Aura may have indicator lighting fixtures to inform you while replacements are wished. It’s encouraged to observe the producer’s tips for premiere performance.

Is the RO version wasteful with water?

  • RO filtration does use a bit extra water in comparison to UV+UF fashions. However, maximum Aquaguard Aura RO models come with a water saving feature that minimizes wastage.

Can I installation the Aura myself?

  • While the Aura is designed for smooth use, it’s advocated to get a qualified technician to put in it for correct setup and to make sure premiere overall performance.

How an awful lot does the Aura price?

  • The fee of the Aura can range depending at the version you choose. The UV+UF version is typically greater inexpensive than the RO+UV+UF+MTDS model. It’s really helpful to check with legal Aquaguard dealers for the modern-day expenses.

By considering those FAQs, you can make an informed selection about whether the Aquaguard Aura is the right water cleanser in your wishes and make certain you get the most out of this superior water filtration system.

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