Top 7 Future Technology Gadgets That You Should Not Miss Buying In 2023

Since 2022 is about to end with Halloween, Black Friday, and Christmas celebrations. Ah yes, Black Friday is what most people are looking forward to, evil laugh!! Why do I sound excited about it? Because this post might help let you decide what gadgets you should invest money in. Black Friday would be an intelligent option though!! If you are in search of Top 7 Future Technology Gadgets here is the list for you.

So, let’s commence!

Devialet Phantom II – 98 dB – Compact Wireless Speaker – Iconic White future technology gadgets

What a treat it would be to have high-quality music sound with powerful bass during your child’s birthday celebration or a graduation party at home with your pals!! Let me tell you about ONE COOL gadget for this occasion: Portable bass speakers with double the power.

Among the future technology gadgets, how could one ignore music or even a high-quality sound of a movie with double bass speakers connected to the television? They have Bluetooth connectivity enabled with 2500mah batteries, giving up to 20 hours of running time. The actual connectivity is engaged with Wi-Fi.

Spotify, Airplay, Sound cloud, and movies from Netflix could be enjoyed with this portable device. HOW COULD I FORGET! It is waterproof!! I mean you don’t have to worry if someone spills juice over it during the party.

It weighs 4.3 kg, twice the size of a supposed shoe box! I hope you could visualize it now with clarity. For more details, rush to Amazon where it costs $150.

DJI Action 2 Dual Screen Combo: Experience You Would Never Want To Miss

 (TA-DA!!) Companies like DJI have understood the VERY fact intelligently and came with DJI Action 2 dual screen camera. DJI has been previously known for its superb drone cameras. However, (finger pointing up with a stern face) why I am mentioning this specifically in this list is the high-end travelling experience one could have while surfing, hiking, driving, or any such activity.

It has all those features that any next-generation gadget must have, such as it is waterproof, scratchproof, and a magnetic power case that comes in a bundle for a powerful video experience of your LIFE!! Its heat-resistant plastic design protects it from overheating when you want to have maximum out of it. It performs to its fullest capacity without letting you down with zero recording interruptions.

The remote control extension pod and protective case are available separately with the device on Amazon, making a bundle price of $608.96. If you want to go for the camera only, it would be $519.

Innopower BLUETTI Solar Panel PV200, 200 Watt Solar Panel for Power Station

Its durability could also be judged by having the capacity of handling a load of 30 kg!! It means you can fold it into a table and put sodas, your Bar-BQ along with some music devices, and of course, a fan to enjoy a vacation trip anywhere in open fields.

It comes with additional features like a compass and an adjustable angle device to find the best tilting angle for your modifications. A user manual and 24-month warranty are a must with life-long customer service for the solar gadget.

LUXI MX1 Portable Screenbar Monitor Light for Computer and Laptop

The portable screen light for computer and laptops are the best thing you should get for yourself- it is the gadget of the future. It would be investing in self-care!! YESSS!!

Every individual of every age uses technology and gadgets- be it laptops, computers, iPad, or smartphones. Keeping away from screen rays is almost impossible now. Eyestrain is the consequence no one wants though.

SO!! Ladies and gentlemen, portable screen and monitor lights are for adjusting the screen lights that could work up to 8 working hours smoooothly!! The glare-free feature does not let eyes get soar, hence adding to work productivity.

This comfortable vision enhancer device has another useful feature related to brightness adjustment. Color temperatures could be altered too!! I bet you heard it right!

Clipping the device on top of the laptop screen is the easiest way of using it. It has in-built sensors for detecting human movements around so that it can function automatically. Too intelligent, huh?? NICE!!

Ummm, what’s left? Oh yes! Charging. It could be charged with a C-type charging cable that could be plugged in anywhere. Its foldable design would keep your eyes hooked on it!!

Do check it on the Black Friday sale on Amazon; for now, it is $40.

Cup Holder Tray for Car, San lead Car Cup Holder Expander with 8.26″ Surface, Phone Slot, and 360° Swivel Arm

Car cup holder trays are life saviors!! Holding your food on your lap is quite frustrating. With the expanding design of the tray, it can hold your mobile phone, a McDonald’s full meal with some sunglasses on the side. Quite fancy, ahem ahem!!

Keeping hands free while your eyes are on the road is a convenience coming with car cup holders. They could be easily installed on the in-built car cup holders and could be rotated 360 degrees. What’s more, it even has a mobile holder. It is available on Amazon for only $30.  

Investing in health gadgets is a MUST!!

Air purifiers remove 99.9% of the dust allergens and filter the air for a clean breathing experience. These filters adhere to HEPA guidelines, which means high-efficiency particulate air. In easy words, you can be 100% guaranteed that dust, bacteria, pollen, and mold particles within the air are removed before it goes into your and or your family’s lungs.  

Air purifiers have UV-C light that is ozone-friendly. The clean air produced after filtering through these light rays is fresh within 30 minutes!! The area that is covered for the purifying process is 540 feet and for smaller spaces like 220 feet that only take 12 minutes.

Its effective performance comes from its powerful purifying motors that enable sneeze-free and congestion-free breathing air. It is REALLY a go-to product for those who have cats as pets!!

Instead of buying tons of medicine, a simple device could ease your life with a one-time purchase. It is available on Amazon in different price ranges, starting from $99.99.

ALSO! Health remains the primary focus with exercising gadgets life Fitness Mirror

One of the finest future technology gadgets is this fitness mirror which is 48 inches long and 24 inches wide. It is suitable for installation over the wall. It comes with workout classes playing on the screen so that you can physically engage yourself at home.

You can operate it with a touch screen that has a whooping display of 50 inches. An exciting feature is the list of workout songs like Lady Gaga and Pitbull are also there to keep you upbeat.

For exclusive membership, you have to sign up for the paid classes. However, the first 30-day trial is free!! Classes include yoga, cycling, rowing, strength training, Pilates, and much more.

The actual “mirror” experience enhances the feel of exercise when you could see yourself jumping up and down in the MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL 😀 Physical stats, track of burned calories, timing, heart rate, and a camera to connect with your favourite trainer are other valuable attributes of this amazing gadget for 2023.

Don’t miss checking it out on Amazon, costing around $459.72 with membership plans.


I thought you might have heard of several gadgets that people are already using and finding enormously COOL. Thought of making this useful post for you to keep your foxlike gaze on the gadgets that would be on fleek to use in the coming year. Hope this post proves useful for you and helps you find these gadgets at affordable prices on Black Fridayyyyyyy!! YAYYY!! (Pardon me for being overdramatic, heyhey!)


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