Would The World End Without Cybersecurity in 2022 ?

World End Without Cybersecurity

You might be familiar with the word “data breach”. It has made companies suffer huge losses. Recently, LinkedIn went through a similar disastrous incident in the year 2021. Not only there was a loss of intellectual property but the brand reputation and trust of stakeholders were AT STAKE. The hacker “God user” from the dark web dumped the data of 500 million users and generated their email dresses, full names, contact numbers, genders, and much more important private information for certifying that he is not lying. Although LinkedIn stated this was a data leak and not a data breach, to save itself from the embarrassment of lack of tight cyber security, still the claims seem weak.

Would the world end without cybersecurity? Would businesses fail if they do not keep ethical and moral obligations intact to save their users’ data? Protecting big data like this, is this really possible in reality? Or would the world keep facing data breaches by such hackers in the coming years?

All these questions would be answered in today’s post. Read on to clarify your foggy confusion.

What Does Cybersecurity Do?

First and foremost, it is important to understand what cyber security does. Cyber security is the collection of carefully designed methods for safeguarding systems, data, and the network of an organization from illegal access or cyber-attacking.

What cybersecurity entails is the landmark that every enterprise must take a lesson from, It is done for the protection of the internal and external digital assets of the company, The formulation of a fortified GREAT WALL OF CHINA against threats, either internal or external, is the key cybersecurity function.

What cybersecurity does is hailed by companies today as every business is running online. The convenience of data connectivity comes with a risk that is addressed by the integration of cybersecurity. What cybersecurity entails is fresh air for the business players in any industry as they can now save themselves from damage.

Five Types of Cybersecurity: Would The World End without Cybersecurity types?

Critical infrastructure security

Infrastructure security necessitates IT-protected, structured cyber security, Infrastructure security is primarily used by IT firms, but today every business is on the same route. They truly do not want to take any chances.

Critical infrastructure protection involves the practice of shielding critical IT infrastructure. The top sectors relying heavily on such critical infrastructure protection, on which the entire country’s system is working and the citizens are getting the basics civic rights, are:

  • Energy sector
  • Healthcare sector
  • Financial sector
  • Damns sector and WHAT NOT!!

Can you imagine how frustrating that would be when a country’s damn system stops working with a few clicks of any hacker?, That could happen without strong critical infrastructure cybersecurity, The control system and industrial supply of damn water could be stopped if any hacker deciphers the infrastructure system in the absence of critical infrastructure cybersecurity.

Network security

  • Network cybersecurity necessitates the security of the computer system of the organization which must be protected against attackers, cyber risk, and digital intruders, Internet becomes the main source of intrusion since all the network security is secured with a network assortment.

Network cybersecurity offers protection against wicked plans. With such network security tools, the websites that are enabled with third-party cookies, the tracking of malicious users becomes easy. Mostly, network security tools inculcate antivirus software,

firewalls, changing passwords regularly, additional logins, incognito mode, special encryptions, and internet access with scrutinized monitoring.

Cloud Security

Do you know that Amazon Web Services (AWS) has 77 availability zones (AZs) in over 24 geographic regions throughout the world?

What is the point of telling you this, Because Amazon, like Coca-Cola, is a globally recognized brand!!

Cloud cyber security is becoming popular for the very same reason since companies are constantly in search of third parties like AWS to manage their extremely important data. The five-time zones that it operates in, managing its data with the speed of light and the continuous backups for staying ahead of its competition undoubtedly ask for an empowered cloud cyber security against important data violations and theft of confidential information for companies like AWS.

Application security

When you download an app, it will request your personal information, Your complete name, email address, password, and, in certain cases, bank information, Application cyber security is a prerequisite to secure data that firms are vulnerable to cyber infringements, It would be no crime for the firm to use application cyber security to secure sensitive data.

Some of the most common ways of doing so are anti-virus programs, firewalls (of course!), and encrypted programming techniques.

Internet of Things (IoT) security

Internet of Things (IoT) security is the next big thing that needs a highlighted importance in terms of extreme connectivity. The connectivity is beyond human perception, which involves appliances, electricity, printers, and even Wi-Fi devices across your homes and industries.

The threat to its security hinders the enterprises as well as entire industries as they are worried about their customers’ data, Internet of Things (IoT) security calls for the help of the most expert analytics who would provide support in implanting a secure network of making things happen!

Cybersecurity Awareness for Business: Would the World End without Cybersecurity in business?

Forbes says that cybersecurity awareness for business is now an obligatory part of day-to-day activity for firms since it is a critical part of their business plan, just like a ham in a burger!

Cyber security companies are working day and night to provide responsible safety against malware that could even enter a company’s system through EMAILS,

Cyber security companies, therefore, have to inform the firms looking for such security so that they could analyze how much at risk their business is.

The smallest of the loopholes could not be ignored for which best cyber security companies have to gain information from companies, certainly involving sensitive ones too. Anyone using Google and a kickass hacker who has access to the dark web can buy a phishing kit to attack your business system, It would be no harder than buying ice cream from a nearby shop. Duh!!

Internet security companies have to be the best at what they do to fulfill this daunting task,

Businesses should be aware of the needs and requirements to save themselves from financial losses, Best cyber security companies are, therefore, including this process within their services to acquaint businesses with the cyber security importance. It is done for keeping the health graph of the security culture high within.

Cybersecurity Awareness for Healthcare: Would the World End without Cybersecurity in healthcare?

Healthcare and cybersecurity go hand in hand, It is for the fact that healthcare has transformed its way of storing important patient data, For huge hospitals, it is also known as BIG DATA. For the protection of such confidential information, electronic health systems (EHS) need tight security. Healthcare and cybersecurity have to rely on the integrity and transparency of medical cyber security.

Although, cyber security in the healthcare industry does not restrict itself to EHS. It is applied to the information system of radiology, e-prescribing systems, video calls, computerized prescription generation systems and YOU JUST NAME IT!

What’s more, is the IoT here again? Many appliances and systems have to be protected simultaneously to serve the patients with the best medical assistance, Medical cyber security is a crucial part of the normal functioning of the healthcare industry, Awareness of hospital cyber security and hiring an expert for that matter is inevitable.

Cybersecurity in Social Media: Would the World End without Cybersecurity in social media?

SOCIAL MEDIA, SOCIAL MEDIA, SOCIAL MEDIA! You cannot run away from this phenomenon and the lifestyle that it has become these days.

Each and every type of user information is present on social media platforms which is easy to get hands-on. The tricky hackers can go for it like going after an irresistible cheesecake!

To gain clicks and a higher number of visitors on their web platforms, businesses sometimes take the help of cheap ways of “fake giveaways”. BEWARE!! They could be a scam or a trick to hack you.

Here is when organizations like Facebook must be aware of the phrase “cyber security in social media”, 

Having a digital profile means you are exposed to anyone, anywhere. The hackers would always be on the lookout for easy targets. No other cure is known except for cyber security in social media.

Cybersecurity in IoT: Would The World End Without Cybersecurity in IoT?

It has been discussed above that cybersecurity in IoT is a matter of life and death now, 

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become like a piece of cake in terms of unethical infiltration by cyber attackers,

BECAUSE excessive interconnectivity of devices is making them more susceptible to cyber invasion. 

With blockchain and cryptocurrency trends on the rise, cyber security is of paramount importance. Internet of Things cyber security asks for continuous monitoring and update of breach-protection tools.

Cybersecurity in IoT prevents hackers from entering via more than one point due to high interconnectivity,

It could be through Edge, cloud, or Wi-Fi password hack, A complete shutdown could become a thing of the past if strict Internet of Things cybersecurity is imposed on time.


So, do you think the world can end without cyber security? It might revert to Stone Age time, However, we leave it to your discretion what the possibilities could be if such a thing happens.

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