Hyper Automation Technology: Why Is This A Buzzword?

, Hyper Automation Technology
Businesses today do not operate in the way they did about ten years ago, Customer demands are more complex, especially those of Generation Z. Marketers are still conducting vigorous research for coming up with a systematic way of catering to this generation with the best of their efforts.

Also, with the internet and complex technologies around the globe, business operations have become more intricate. It is no more about only automation of work but hyper intelligent automation.

Common people would not be aware of much of this complexity that goes behind the stage and would be only interested in the final product, Let us make this simple for you, Read on then!

What Is Hyper Automation Technology?

Hyper automation is the methodical alignment of all information technology (IT) processes taking place within the business. It is done by identifying, organizing, and automating as many business procedures as possible. The amalgamation of several technologies to work in collaboration with each other, such as in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), is done through hyper automation technology.

Hyper automation definition given in Gartner could be easily interpreted that it is a business-driven concept. Robotic processes that are highly sophisticated and business process management (BPM) require intelligent handling of tasks, all handled by hyper intelligent automation.

Hyper automation’s meaning could be deciphered without a hitch in the sense that it requires no human intervention for managing multifaceted business tasks. Gartner has included it in one of the top 10 strategic trends in technology.

Examples of Hyper Automation/ Hyper Automation Services

How hyper automation tools work would be better understood if we understand what tasks it is used for. Some of the common tasks include managing accounts payable. What does it mean? Read this:

Why does an accountant have to be excited to be about weekends Because only then he can wear his casual clothes.

HAHA! Well, it is now possible every day with hyper-automation technology since manual labor is replaced for getting payments receipts, paying outs, and invoice processing, The greater risks of human errors and a natural instinct of taking longer to process payments have now been handled by hyper-automation. So, definitely, accountants can wear casual clothes when such technologies come in handy.

One more example that shows what hyper automation technology is used for is insurance handling. Handling data of the insurers, making assessments of the claims, analyzing the customer’s policy, and automating the documents based on the transactions that stand true for valid claims are all taken care of by hyper automation.

Hyper Automation Technology Vs Automation

Most of the hyper-automation mechanism depends on robotic process automation (RPA). RPA is, in actuality, a software technology embedded within the robots that help imitate human actions It is done for interacting with other relevant software and digital platforms,However, its heavy reliance on structured data does not allow it to be useful for hyper intelligent automation, It is not programmed to learn on its own with the data it is fed. Humans are still required to operate on it.

To fulfill more advanced level tasks, next-level RPA automation is essential, which is hyper automation technology. Tricky decision-making is made convenient with the simplification of processes. It makes automation with a particular software culture a hassle-free practice.

  • Education

Can someone imagine education would be digitally enhanced with technology like hyper-automation??!! NO WAY!!

But, YES WAY! Because educational institutions are using it in a trendy way for automatically filling forms, documentation, handling financial aid requests, and requirements for admissions, reporting expenses for the institute, making invoices, mechanically calculating GPAs, and WHAT NOT!

  • Digital twins

You would have normally seen a website offering replica of your face to try on eyewear, to check what frame suits you best, This is digital twin technology that is empowered by hyper automation technology, Matching real-world conditions and entirely imitating them digitally is a complex task easily carried out with precision.

  • Warehousing

Making erratic calculations for inventory management increases costs for businesses, Hyper intelligent automation is used for systematic process mining, Process mining could be simply inferred as making a pizza, All the processes involved in the process of either baking a yummy pizza or handling its raw food items in the form of warehousing are dependent on warehousing- more specifically hyper-automation, The seamless management reduces warehouse costs with greater transparency.

Hyper Intelligent Automation Advantages/ Disadvantages


  • For several purposes, businesses do not have to be dependent on one software or technology Simultaneously, different processes could be easily controlled by hyper-automation.
  • Flexibility and transparency in operations are by-products of its opportuneness.
  • Employee productivity is improved as they no more have to invest long hours in laborious work.
  • Value-addition and employee retention have become easier with hyper automation.
  • With the integration of digital value through this technology, high levels of collaboration are achieved, Accessing data and communication without hurdles has never been so simple!
  • Uniformity, speed, reliability, and timely delivery of results are more advantages offered by hyper-automation.
  • As a result of this, customer satisfaction and cost reduction are the utmost prioritized values gained from hyper automation.


  • Privacy is the first and foremost delicate issue for hyper automation, When hundreds of functions are handled at one time, a breach of data could be a risk.
  • Creating training data for which synthetic data processing are some peculiar challenges. 
  • Humans are a vital part of the successful running of hyper-automation. The technology cannot run on its own.
  • Particular demand changing of customers pose more complexity as maintenance of big data becomes more intricate.
  • Process understanding might be a trouble as documentation and analysis are obscured by frequently changing customer demands.

How to Implement Hyper Automation

Convinced enough to implement hyper automation for your business? No matter what size your business is, we are here with some steps to decide how it should be applied:

  1. Assessing the budget and whether your company can afford the existing technological advancements of hyper automation.
  2. Identifying the functions and processes for which hyper automation is required.
  3. Collecting data as an audit.
  4. Getting to know the hyper-automation tools that would best suit your needs.
  5. Forecasting its outcomes and making an appropriate cost analysis for this purpose.
  6. Finally, implement it!

How to Learn hyper automation tools

Several online courses are offering in-depth knowledge of hyper-automation, The content includes determining hyper automation opportunities in the market, case analysis, usage of hyper intelligent automation, knowing when it would be ready to use, getting it ready from scratch, designing and deploying of Botprise Automation Unit, Botprise Decision Unit, and Botprise Trigger Unit.

Udemy is one of the most well-known online platforms that have online video content in its course, with the feasibility of asking questions from the instructor by directly messaging him, detailed Q&A, and gaining a certificate of completion for the students.


Machines are useful in taking over the tasks that humans had to do on repeat, The operations are ‘automated’ – this is exactly when hyper-automation occurs where complex and numerous tasks are involved, It could be taken as synonymous with intelligent automation, For the convenience of humans, hyper automation provides augmented digital experience with its cutting-edge technology.

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