5 Practical Ways to Earn money online from home: Are you ready?

Practical Ways to Earn Money Online From Home: Are you ready?

Internet usage is increasing day by day and there are multiple ways to be productive and earn money online from home.

You can make money in various ways with your own gigs and this article will help you learn and you can see by yourself how much time it takes till you start generating income, with the help of freelancing or perhaps selling your own products.

If you really want to make money but cannot locate the starting point? There is nothing to be worried about, we have compiled this all for you to cover everything in just one article. This article will help you how to earn online?

The best part is you are not the only one in this race, More than 27% of Americans generated extra money from side gigs in the previous year.

How to earn online?

How to earn money online from home is the candy people search online to increase their income.

It could be as a YouTuber or any other social media influencer that is looking to earn some extra bucks to increase their income.

In this article, we have found some really good options for you to increase your economic status.

1. Chose to work as a freelancer online

There are multiple websites that you can help you make money online such as Upwork, freelancer.com, and Fiverr.

By working on these websites you can earn money online from home. You can opt to choose the job according to your expertise such as blog writer, academic writer, Social media marketer, programmer, web developer, software developer, or you can be a virtual assistant.

By working on this website you can keep a track of your own income, market rates, long-term full-time jobs, and part-time jobs. Let’s learn how to start working on Upwork.

  • Time of finding a job: It can take some time to find your first job on Upwork.
  • Setup time: 24 hours.
  • How simple to get started: It is very simple and easy to start if you have some technical expertise.
  • Age requirement: 18 is the minimum age but it varies by the site.
  • Payment terms: depends upon the client.

Things you should know:
Things you should know:

  • You need to start by signing up on the Upwork website and create a detailed profile. This profile will be approved within 24 hours. You need to know that it can take while to get your first job as new freelancer.
  • Payment can vary from client to client. You only get paid once customer review the given task, and money comes to your account after 10 days of billing cycle.


  • Age requirement for upwork is minimum 18 year. On fiverr you can start work if you are 13+. Freelancer.com minimum age requirement is at least 16 year of age.
  • There are few websites who requires you to be U.S. citizen of at least permanent resident.

2. Make money by taking surveys:

Taking online surveys is a good way to make money online. The payout can be less than the usual online jobs, do not expect to be highly paid but it is a good option for beginners who wants to start online earning.

Your earnings are in the shape of gift cards which can be uncashed later. There are a few famous survey websites I would like to mention in this article such as Swagbucks and survey junkie can help you in earning online.

  • Total Time: I can take some time
  • Setup Time: It only requires a few minutes to setup
  • How easy it is to get started: you can just signup and start working.
  • Age Requirements: 13 to 18+.
  • Payment speed: depends upon the site.

Things you should know:
Things you should know:

  • This setup is super easy that you simply signup and start taking survey in few minutes.
  • Payment time depends on the website you are taking the survey from and you earning depends on the time you would like to spend on the website.
  • There are few sites that you can cash soon as you reach minimum threshold. For example if minimum threshold is $40 dollar you can cash soon as you reach to $40 for the first payment and next minimum threshold will be $10 for next payment.
  • There are few sites that can be uncashed via gift card or PayPal.


  • These website has the age a requirement which can be varied from 13 to 18 as a minimum requirement.
  • Every survey could have different scenario, you sometime if you get disqualified do not be surprised.

3. Make Money online as a blogger or as an affiliate:

  • Being a blogger can secure some serious money online. As a blogger, you generate a lot of traffic and you make money by becoming an affiliate marketer.
  • As an affiliate, you can promote products and services and can earn commission by making sales. As a blogger, you can get paid by clicks on your blog.

There are many bloggers who are earning online and making six figures annually. Read more about affiliate marketing.

  • Total Time: It is quite a job to build a sizeable audience.
  • Setup: Blogging setup is easy to build with the help of multiple bloggers’ websites.
  • How easy to start: It is quite easy to start your blog and can be very successful by updating fresh content regularly on your blog or website.
  • Age: Age is just a number to be a blogger or affiliate, anyone of any age can do it.
  • Payment speed: anyone can start online earning within 2 to 3 months with the right content.

Things you should know:
Things you should know:

  • You must a blogging account, social media account or YouTube channel which will help you having an online existence to build audience.
  • You must sign up for an affiliate program such as Amazon Affiliate program, Flex offers CJ Affiliate, etc.


  • You must have online presence to get more visitors on your blog or website

4. Website and apps testing:

Testing websites and apps are a very good way to earn online from home. There are multiple websites available for website and app testing such as; usertesting.com.

After signing up on these websites you’ll have passed a basic level test. If you pass the test you get accepted.

Payout is per minute of testing which varies from $10 to $15 per 20 minutes of testing, and if you indulge yourself in a video conversation with customers to provide your feedback on the result you can earn up to $120 after your testing.

  • Total Time: Time to get approved can vary from website to website.
  • Setup: It takes almost an hour to set up everything.
  • How easy to start: Process is very easy if you have the technical expertise and technical gear such as a laptop and required software.
  • Age: 18+ is the minimum age requirement.
  • Payment speed: It takes seven days after testing is done.

Things you should know:
Things you should know:

  • Passing the basic test is qualification criteria in the application process.
  • Once your test is pass you can start testing the applications and websites.
  • Payment cycle is seven day after completing the testing of app or a website.
  • You can get paid via PayPal.


  • 18+ ages is a must have criteria.
  • Gears your need is a stable internet connection, laptop or desktop computer and microphone with noise cancellation option.
  • You may also need mobile phone or a table android based of iOS based.

5. Start selling on ETSY.com

Etsy.com is an awesome marketplace for handmade crafts, woodwork products or embroidery, etc. It’s all about selling crafts.

It is a great platform for artists and people interested in art and craft. You can start earning money online by selling your own products and some else work on this website. You can check out how to earn on Etsy.com.

  • Total time: if you are new it can take some time for you to build a good audience.
  • Setup: it can lengthy when you set up your store.
  • How easy to earn: it can take a while to get used to or understand the interface of the system.
  • Age: you can start off if you are above 13 years of age.
  • Payment speed: it is normally seven days after the sale, or sometimes it can be the next day after you sell.

Things you should know:
Things you should know:

  • You have to open a shop or a store which can be create in few hours
  • You’ll to do a lot of preparations before you launch a store on this website. You’ll be needing physical products, their picture, product descriptions beforehand, once you plan setup your store.
  • Soon you start selling money starts to come in Etsy payment wallet or account.
  • When you are new payments comes in your account after 7 days of selling and after 90 days you can get the payments next after selling.


  • When you are under 18 or above 13 you would be a minor but you can sell on the Etsy.com.
  • You would be requiring all important document that shows you have rights to the merchandise that you want to sell on your store.
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