9 Ways to Become a Worldwide BlockChain expert

Ways to Become a Worldwide BlockChain
Are you looking to become a blockchain expert in 2022? Here is the answer to all your question. Read this article to follow the easy steps

Wouldn’t it be funny if someone bought $40 worth of pizza with 10,000 bitcoins in the year 2010? It WAS possible back then since one bitcoin only was $1.25. With time, Blockchain technology has managed to grow exponentially and most industries are looking forward to dealing with the help of this trending mechanism. Yo!

Some non-technical people might not be able to understand what Blockchain technology is. This blog is here to help them as it is something you cannot miss! You should totally take advantage of the emerging technology since every business, and we actually mean EVERY business is expected to change with Blockchain technology.

So, here we are another useful piece to inform you about how to become a worldwide champion of Blockchain technology!!

What Is A Blockchain Expert?

In plain words, a blockchain expert is someone who knows how to work with blockchain technology, mainly cryptocurrency. The crypto expert’s meaning could be inferred from the fact that he is someone who knows how to combine blockchain solutions for business enterprises and help them work faster.

Blockchain expert possesses the knowledge of existing new pertinent technologies and their trends. The efficiency of blockchain projects depends on the expertise levels of blockchain specialists. The company’s strategic decisions about digital money rely on the fluency and strategic thinking of blockchain experts.

Blockchain Expert Certification

In reality, it is suggested you go directly for a blockchain expert certification. The certification has a curriculum infused with useful knowledge about Blockchain and the ways it can be used in business.

Blockchain-based applications and most careers in engineering are easily achievable after you get the certification. The education and skills related to becoming a blockchain expert are based on the learning of its application and enterprise processes.

Famous Blockchain Experts

To broaden your knowledge about blockchain, some of the most notable Blockchain experts to follow on social media are:

  • Paul Brody: The Global Innovation Leader in blockchain technology at Ernst& Young (Find him on LinkedIn and Twitter)
  • Robert Schwertner: A famous blockchain blogger (Find him on LinkedIn and Twitter)
  • Tim Draper: An active investor in Blockchain-based startups and cryptocurrencies (Find him on LinkedIn and Twitter)
  • Elizabeth Stark: Known as one of the finest blockchain entrepreneurs and the CEO of Lightning Labs (Find her on Twitter)

Why do we recommend following them on social media? Because social media are open information platforms for anyone. Their posts are full of expert tips and new information that you might not find anywhere normally.

9 Ways to Become an Expert

  • Know about technology and venture business operations: Being a top-notch Blockchain expert, acquaintance with business models is mandatory. Businesses must have solutions to everyday problems. That is only possible with a Blockchain expert, FOR SURE!
  • Know about mathematics: Calculations and numbers are the heart of Blockchain technology. To become a master of numbers, a Blockchain expert needs to be tough on this!
  • Know about economics: It goes without saying that economics plays a major role in identifying the supply and demand of business products. The earnings that would go and come around Blockchain need to be at the fingertips of a Blockchain expert.
  • Know programming language: The data structure and the architectures of cryptography are the protocols Blockchain expert must be familiar with. To become the king of this technology, the implementation of programming languages is the basic element.
  • Learning about decentralized networks, their ecosystems, standards, and architecture within Decentralization is the backbone of the entire Blockchain technology. It is the shifting of decision-making power from a centralized authority to an assigned distributed network.

    blockchain expert.

  • Developing inter-discipline skills: Not only technical skills but talents like creativity, adaptability, cross-departmental collaboration, managing unwanted problems, and efficiency along with agility are essential parts of a blockchain expert.

Of course, no one would want a technology that is applied to all processes of an enterprise but does not know how to make effective use of it.

What do you think, how it would work that way for supply chain systematic operations at each stage?

  • Understanding diverse blockchain platforms: Most blockchain systems function similarly. However, knowing each of them not only aids in comprehending but also in staying up to speed on any new developments. A blockchain specialist must have a broad and in-depth understanding of the technology. Winks!!
  • Understanding business processes and how to address problems: It would be pointless to be a Blockchain specialist and yet get rejected by a top-tier global corporation simply because you are not a problem solution. HEARTBREAKING, we know! So, businesses need innovativeness to cater to their customers, which 99% of the time requires problem-solving skills.  
  • Getting blockchain expert certification and learning to use its relevant tools: Streamlining several business processes would ask the Blockchain expert to get a know-how of Blockchain tools. The enterprise environment works in a complex manner. Signing up for a Blockchain expert certification would be the COOLEST idea to become a worldwide champion, you see!

As easy as ABC.

Can Blockchain Make You Rich?

After learning the aforementioned processes, the issue of whether or not being a Blockchain expert would make you wealthy arises. Should you take the risk?

YES, OF COURSE! Blockchain technology is the future, and it has already changed the way money is traded. These days, even employees want to be compensated in bitcoin. Education, tourism, and healthcare are just a few of the key industries where blockchain is being used.

Even social media makes use of blockchain to save the content in its ledger. It is done so to protect data from censorship. As social media is one of the crucial parts of SEO these days and every business emphasizes marketing through social media, the connection of blockchain is inevitable.


Defying the Blockchain challenges with obtaining the best comprehensive skills makes you an aspiring Blockchain expert. It would certainly need some effort and time investment. But if you are good at numbers and are a technology freak, it wouldn’t be a problem anymore.

We hope the post helped you to get the hang of becoming a worldwide champ of Blockchain technology.

Can’t wait to see your comments below!!

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